Tattoolab distances itself from the classic concept of tattoo artisan salon. It was indeed born from the necessity to have a common space where all the artists can share their thoughts and ideas. We aim to best meet the need of our customers, offering them outstanding experts to realize the ideas that they show us. This is why it is of the utmost importance the profession of the Shop Manager, who helps our clients to transform their ideas into the perfect tatto in terms of style and genre. Tattoolab have two main shops, one based in Pordenone (PN), then the other is in Oderzo (TV)

Hygiene and Sterilization

At Tattolab hygiene is a fundamental issue. All the material we use is disposable or sterilized in our Class B Autoclave.
All the rooms are an aseptic space, after each use all the areas are cleaned using high-level procedures.

Creative Laboratory

The Studio also organizes workshops, both specific on tattooing, and more in general on arts.
Our goal is to tie even more the world of tattooing with the world of the classic art.
Althought they have been seen very distant between them, they’re actually linked together. Lately tattooing is also defined the art of the skin.


This is the first place where the customer are welcomed. The Shop Manager is ready to take care of them, helping them to approach the world of tattoing with his advices and tips in order to find the perfect solutions for their needs.
While waiting you can have a look to the collection of clothing and jewelry of various kinds of our shop.


In our store, beside Tattoolab’s branded clothes, there are also clothes of famous brands related to the street ad tattooing culture. We are official retailers of Sullen Clothing, a brand closely focused on the art of tattoo, and we also sell some items by Sub Zero, a brand created by few guys from Pordenone inspired by the street-art.


Tattoolab is the official retailer of the El-Rana’s brand, jeweler and silversmith linked to the world of tattooing (he creates the prizes for the most important Tattoo Contest worldwide); its products are all in nickel-free silver. Together with these products, there is also a selection of piercings, perfect even for the first insertion, in certified Titanium for Implantology. All piercings are internally threaded and perfectly biocompatible.

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